Stocking Your Gift Closet

To borrow from the Girl Scouts, a gift closet is a simple way to "be prepared" when you need a gift quickly, or just don't have time to pick up something for a birthday or party. If you don't have room for a closet, a bin or box works just as well. 

Here are some tips from the "Gift Gurus" of Lady Primrose as well as some of their friends about a Gift Closet. 

  • Think of "occasions" when stocking your gift closet. (baby showers, graduations, hostess gifts, girlfriend gifts, pick-me-up gifts, buncko gifts, kids birthday parties...)
  • Keep your friends/family in mind-plus add some items that you know almost anyone would like. (bath products, books, stationary, fun jewelry, baby items, gift cards, printed and framed or painted quotes)
  • Gather items by watching sales, buying multiples, and thinking ahead to what's coming up on your schedule.
  • Keep all the extras you'll need in the same place. (scissors, gifts bags, tissue paper, enclosure cards, wrapping paper)
  • Make a list of what gifts you've given so that you don't duplicate. 
  • Take the time every so often to "inventory" the items you have on hand to know what you're low on, spur an idea, and be on the look-out for new ideas.


What are your best tips for Gift Closets?


Special thanks to Marian in Oklahoma City for the picture of her gift closet.

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