Our story began 30 years ago when the Lanesborough, London’s finest hotel, commissioned Lady Primrose to create bath products exclusively for their distinguished clientele. Development began with a French perfumer and an English toiletry house, where after researching archival recipes dating back to 1677, Tryst was launched as the signature fragrance, along with its’ companion Royal Extract.

That same attention to detail and consideration continues today, whether creating new products or reimagining your favorites. From environmentally friendly packaging sourced from around the world to formulations which benefit your skin and awaken your senses, you will delight in the luxurious feel and performance of Lady Primrose products.

We believe everyone needs a little luxury everyday, so we encourage you to use the luxurious lotions, gels, cream soaps and experience our perfumes, scented candles and other wonderful Lady Primrose products. You'll love the experience and be glad you didn't "save them for later".  So go ahead... open them up and indulge in a little pampering. 

As the market continues to grow and change, so does our company. But one thing remains constant – our desire to bring beauty to you and your home with fragrance forward products in sophisticated classic style.