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Each and every one of our candles are hand-poured to perfection.  You'll love inhaling the fragrance as your room becomes scented.






Lady Primrose enjoys an ongoing love affair with generations of users. 

Over 20 years ago, Lady Primrose was the first bath line to use glass and crystal containers not only for their beauty, but because they were practical and purposeful. We were ecologically conservative before it was in style.

The hallmark of Lady Primrose is a "gift within a gift", both the gift of a beautiful container and the gift of the luxurious product inside.

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Dusting Silk

Finely crushed chamomile & marigold flowers, blended with silk & plant extracts, create a naturally absorbent powder that softens, soothes & protects while delicately perfuming the skin.

Everyday Essentials

Some things you just can't live without. 

When it comes to Everyday Essentials, reach for the best.  You'll glow from head to toe with these fun-damental beauty necessities.

Fine Fragrance

Inspired by fragrant gardens, woods and herbs, each collection embodies a distinctive scent.  

For the Home

Complete the Lady Primrose experience with vanity trays, body brushes, and accessories that will bring elegance to any room in your home.


With our latest collection, we invite you to make family, friends and gracious hospitality a part of your everyday.

Gather fills a room like a welcoming hug.  This pleasing fragrance of citrus, black currant and warm notes radiate to make your house a home.

Great Gift Ideas

There is nothing quite like selecting the perfect gift. We've all had that moment of panic when we remember a party or occasion when we need a gift... quick!

This is the time to stock up for  in-a-hurry last-minute gifts!

Hair Care

Extend your love of Lady Primrose fragrance with shampoos & conditioners.



Home Fragrance

Fragrance fills our hearts and homes with warmth, romance, comfort and ambience.  Our home fragrances, in your favorite collection,  are versatile for many living areas, from mantel to bedside, each is designed to both accessorize and scent your home.

Please shop your favorite home fragrance by category  on the drop down menu.

Hotel & Resort Collection

Discriminating guests enjoy Lady Primrose bath amenities during their stay at 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts around the world.  Using ingredients indigenous to the surrounding area, our team develops a fragrance that reflects the beauty and natural ambiance of the resort.

Lips & Face

Specific daily regimens targeted to nourish lips, cleanse and restore skin tone.


We're pleased to offer our newest fragrance collection, Momentous.  The fragrance is a rich blend of patchouli noir, powdery tonka, white musk and spiced sandalwood which will be pleasing to both men and women.

The packaging is designed to uniquely complement any bath with bold accents in mixed metals.  


As experts in the luxury travel market, we have applied our extensive knowledge of discriminating traveler to create functional yet fashionable travel accessories. 

Let us help you get ready for this summer season. It's not too early to stock up on your favorite Lady Primrose products to go!




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